Almira Kimya has been founded in July 2012 by Ali Kaya Urak who is in leather and chemistry industries for years. The company operates on tanning chemicals and leather processing techniques.

We provide our clients with a wide scale of services with greatly embraced Research & Developement culture and qualified personnel. We provide our clients leather processing chemicals while we develope superior leather processing techniques with experimental methodologies.

Almira Kimya has a leather processing laboratory which is built for developing leather processing techniques from beamhouse processes to finishing, creating sample products, and color applications trials. Almira Kimya exports its products to Egypt, Pakistan, Georgia, Iran and India, and has representatives in those countries.

why choose almira?

Production technology

Almira Kimya products are manufactured in modern facilities with certificates including OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001. Repeatable manufacturing standarts are provided via high tech computer aided equipments and qualified personnel.


In Almira Kimya, we inform our clients' technical staff about products of their needs and usage ratios.


Products are preserved in the best conditions and transported via fast transportation network. In Almira Kimya, we manage our logistics and stocks tracking with a tailored Barcode Scanning system to serve you within the shortest time and with excellent presicion.